Sjuleke purchases

Personal visit

To meet you in person and to make an inventory of your specific wishes, I will visit you. We discuss what is important for you, such as location, square footage, number of rooms, outside space, type of construction and maintenance condition.


If you wish or need a mortgage, it’s important to initiate this process timely and to prepare thoroughly so that everything is ready to submit a strong bid. When submitting a bid, it should not only be clear what the amount of the financing clause is, but also what the term of the financing clause is. The shorter this term, the stronger the bid.


Based on your search profile, I send you an overview of the properties that are currently offered for sale and that meet your criteria. In addition, you automatically receive an email from the NVM exchange system daily, containing the new listings of properties that meet these criteria. If you wish to adjust these criteria during the process, please let me know.


Based on the daily emails with the new listings of properties, you select which properties you wish to view. For these properties, you can request a viewing with the selling agent yourself, or you can ask me to schedule a viewing. If you request a viewing yourself, I advise you to explicitly mention that you are my client and that you wish to come during the first viewing round. I try to accompany you as much as possible during these initial viewings. If this is not possible, I would like to hear your thoughts on the property, whether you have any questions, and if you are considering submitting a bid. In the latter case, I request a second viewing, and we will view the property together.

Research and file

Prior to the purchase, I conduct extensive research into the legal, technical, and financial aspects of the property and I compile a complete file so that I can purchase the property as effectively as possible. For this, I can request most documents from the selling real estate agent. If necessary, I request additional document from various authorities.

Valuation and purchase recommendations

I advise you on the expected transaction price of the property and on the legal, technical, and financial aspects of the property. The expected transaction price is based on the specific characteristics of the property, a comparison with realized transaction prices of more or less similar properties in the neighbourhood, the property market, the market segment of the property, and my own knowledge, insight, and experience.

Biddings and negotiations

I would like to successfully purchase the property together with you and for you under the best terms. During the purchase process we determine together how the process, and the strategy proceed, consider asking price, bids, closed bidding, negotiations, financing condition, technical inspection, and delivery date.

Purchase agreement

Once agreement has been reached with the seller on the purchase price and other conditions, if agreed upon, I organise a technical inspection. I advise you on the choice of a notary and I make arrangements with the notary for signing the purchase agreement and the delivery deed. Prior to signing, I review the draft purchase agreement and, if necessary, have it adjusted. The purchase agreement is signed at the notary’s office or, in some cases remotely.

Cooling-off period and financing condition

After signing the purchase agreement, the statutory three-day cooling-off period begins. If you have purchased the property with a finance condition, the purchase is only final once this financing has been granted to you. During this uncertain period, I stay in touch with you and all parties involved to ensure that everything proceeds as agreed, considering financial advisor, notary, seller, and seller’s real estate agent. The purchase becomes final once the cooling-off period has expired or once the financing has been granted.

Inspection, delivery and payment

Prior to the inspection and the transfer of ownership, I review the draft delivery deed and settlement statement and, if necessary, have them adjusted. Before the delivery you transfer the amount stated in the settlement statement to the notaries bank account. Then, together with you, I conduct the inspection of the property. During the inspection, together with the seller, we determine if everything has been delivered as agreed, record the meter readings, and sign the digital inspection form. Subsequently, at the notary’s office the delivery deed is signed, and the key handover takes place. Only after signing the delivery deed, the amount is transferred to the bank account of the seller.