Sjuleke sells

Personal visit and viewing of the property

To meet you in person and to view the property I will visit you. I will not only assess the specific characteristics of the property but also the legal, technical, and financial aspects, such as the maintenance condition, any defects, leasehold conditions, and the status of the owners’ association.

Valuation and sales recommendations

As an NVM reigistered real estate agent, I have the professional knowledge, experience, and resources. Because I have access to the most recent market information, which is exclusively available to NVM members, I can better assess the expected transaction price of a property than a non-NVM real estate agent. This way, I can propose a realistic and effective sales strategy.


A good presentation is essential when selling a property. An effective presentation provides potential buyers with a beautiful, realistic, and comprehensive impression of the property. This will make potential buyers more likely to schedule a viewing appointment. To optimally present the property, I collaborate with professional parties specialized in various aspects.

NEN2580 measurement and floor plans

The property will be professionally measured according to NEN2580 standards, and I will have a measurement report and 2D/3D floor plans made for the presentation on Funda.

Energy label

When selling a property, it is mandatory to mention an energy label on Funda and provide this to the buyer upon delivery. I will have an energy label prepared by a specialist.


It is very important to have photos taken by a professional photographer and to prepare the property, prior to the fotoshoot. I will advise you on the preparations and I will be present during the photo shoot.

For sale sign

To inform passers-by that the property is for sale, I recommend placing a for sale sign at the front and/or back / in the garden of the property.


Voor de presentatie op Funda stel ik een pakkende en duidelijke verkooptekst op, zowel in het Nederlands als in het Engels. Voorafgaand aan de aanmelding vraag ik je deze tekst goed te keuren. Daarnaast maak ik gebruik van additionele promotie op Funda. Dit brengt de woning niet alleen beter onder de aandacht van aspirant-kopers maar zorgt ook voor een hogere ranking.

Property website

The property will be presented on a unique website. In addition to the photos, description and characteristics of the property, this website also contains information about the neighbourhood, living environment, and position of the sun. Furthermore, all relevant documents can be downloaded through this website, such as measurement report, floor plans, energy label, legal and land register documents, owners’ associations documents, and NVM questionnaires. Finally, potential buyers can submit a bid through the website.

Research and file

Prior to the sale, I conduct extensive research into the legal, technical, and financial aspects of the property and I compile a complete file so that I can sell the property as effectively as possible. For this, I can request most documents myself from various authorities.

Funda listing

The property will be listed on Funda so that all property seekers know that the property is for sale. Additionally, NVM real estate agents have access to a unique sales channel, the so-called exchange system. All property seekers assisted by an NVM real estate agent receive the property directly through this system.



In consultation with you, I schedule viewing moments as closely together as possible. I take into account the best time of the day in terms of sunlight and lighting. During the individual viewings, I take plenty of time for each prospective buyer. Afterward, they will receive a business card with a photo of the property, my personal contact information, and a QR code for the property website. This way, they can view the property website and download all documents at home, at their leisure. Naturally, I personally conduct all viewings. After each viewing, I will inform you immediately about the feedback.

Biddings and negotiations

I would like to achieve the highest possible transaction price together with you and for you. During the sales process, I will extensively discuss the bidding and negotiations with you. Together we determine how the process, and the strategy will proceed, consider asking price, bids, closed bidding, negotiations, financing condition, technical inspection, and delivery date.

Purchase agreement

Once agreement has been reached with the buyer on the purchase price and other conditions, I will make arrangements with the notary chosen by the buyer for signing the purchase agreement and the delivery deed. Prior to signing, I will review the draft purchase agreement and, if necessary, have it adjusted. The purchase agreement will be signed at the notary’s office or, in some cases remotely.

Cooling-off period and financing condition

After signing the purchase agreement, the statutory three-day cooling-off period begins. If the buyer has purchased the property with a finance condition, the purchase will only be final once this financing has been granted to the buyer. During this uncertain period, I will stay in touch with you and all parties involved to ensure that everything proceeds as agreed, considering notary, buyer, buyer’s real estate agent, and financial advisor. The purchase becomes final once the cooling-off period has expired or once the financing has been granted.

Inspection, delivery and payment

Prior to the inspection and the transfer of ownership, I will review the draft delivery deed and settlement statement and, if necessary, have them adjusted. Then, together with or without you, I will conduct the inspection of the property. During the inspection, together with the buyer, we will determine if everything has been delivered as agreed, record the meter readings, and sign the digital inspection form. Subsequently, at the notary’s office the delivery deed will be signed, and the key handover will take place. Depending on the time of the transfer, the amount stated in the settlement statement will be transferred to your account after one or two working days.